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Our stories

GlobalShala’s got featured!

GlobalShala in its first year of operations got featured on many platforms.

Creating your own Superheroes?

GlobalShala in partnership with Northeastern University organized a major global contest Superhero U.

GlobalShala is continuously working on finding new solutions to enhancing skillsets to secure future jobs.

Building global connections

GlobalShala provides a lot of services to its partner universities in the form of university support. Let’s take a tour of them.

A year full of milestones!

In the one year of its establishment, GlobalShala succeeded in acclaiming the milestones it had set for itself.

What’s next for you?

Check out your CV shining opportunities ranging from virtual internships to scholarships and contests at GlobalShala.

With the advent of virtual working spaces, GlobalShala aims to provide opportunities to hone the skills of the generation that is going to dominate the working class in the upcoming decades.

GlobalShala made sure that the core principles of the company must be strengthened and deepened enough to serve as the foundation throughout the life of the venture.

Inspirational National Contest

GlobalShala hosted the Innovation Conclave which marked the end of the contest, a webinar that talked about the importance of innovation in today’s world, concluding the event with the announcement of the participants.

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