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Inspirational National Contest

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Agastya International Foundation (AIF) and Times for India Organization (TFIO) in association with GlobalShala organized Innovation Express, a national competition calling for innovation from the people, by the people and for the people across India and the world, creating a platform to showcase innovative ideas that solve everyday challenges. There were more than 500 submissions from nooks and corners of the country, all so unique and exciting.

AIF and TFIO work towards empowering everyone, especially the ones who do not get platforms and resources very easily. Thus, the fact that this contest accepted all forms of submission, be it an idea or a model, is truly inspiring.

GlobalShala hosted the Innovation Conclave which marked the end of the contest, a webinar that talked about the importance of innovation in today’s world, concluding the event with the announcement of the participants. The Innovation Conclave was presided over by Vinay Dhabolkar, a faculty member of IIT Bombay. Sai Chandrasekhar, Chief of operations, AIF, Ananya Kumar, Global Operations Manager from GlobalShala, Nitin Desai, General Manager of AIF, and Radhika Boruah, Event Strategist of GlobalShala, were present at the event. From postpartum haemorrhage cup to brainwave-controlled wheelchair, innovation spurt from the young and upcoming India was at its peak.

We hope to organise more such inspiring contests in the near future. Make sure to look out for them!

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