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Life at GlobalShala: A glance into our company culture

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A company as young as ours tend to continuously work on the strategies, exploring what works for the collective of team members and the clients. However, since its inception, GlobalShala made sure that the core principles of the company must be strengthened and deepened enough to serve as the foundation throughout the life of the venture. All members across departments and through the penned hierarchy abide by the principles that have paved the way for the success of the company.

GlobalShala believes in the following core strengths and all members abide by these:

1. Mutual respect: positive communication, improving communication through emotional intelligence, empathizing and understanding our co-workers. Additionally, we are aware of our body language, tone of voice and demeanor at all times.

2. Honesty and transparency: directness and candor, non-political while disagreeing with others, we say things about our teammates that we can say to their faces. We are quick to admit mistakes and indulge in activities of only uplifting one another.

3. Creating safe space: Treating everyone as a person of matter, attentive listening and unbiased judgment, encourage diverse thoughts and nurture them. Above all, assume best intentions and ask questions with empathy and trust.

4. Bring your brain to work: Presence of mind and being thoughtful is required along with growing in and beyond your role in GlobalShala. EQ>IQ, so stay curious and learn constantly.

5. Relevance and usefulness: We value quality over quantity. Master of one trade, jack of none. Fail fast and learn fast.

6. Taking accountability and Teamwork: Taking accountability for decisions, outcomes, and the entire team and having fun with the team.

7. Consistency: Maintaining reflections, attending calls, making individual and team sprints, abiding by ground rules and following all the six points above!

GlobalShala appreciates and awards exceptional workers and ardently believes everyone has the potential to become exceptional.

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