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Virtual Internships at GlobalShala

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With the advent of virtual working spaces, GlobalShala aims to provide opportunities to hone the skills of the generation that is going to dominate the working class in the upcoming decades. Virtual Internships are work experiences that one can get from the comforts of home. We use a range of virtual communication software throughout the duration of the internship to keep in touch with the interns. We ardently believe that virtual internships greatly promote experiential learning, which is a way to actively involve the participants in the learning process by teaching them practically doing the tasks.

Importance of virtual internships:

  1. Widen your network: Connect with people from all around the world with different experiences and a variety of opinions and views on the same things. Network for more opportunities.
  2. Prepare for future work: Virtual internship prepares for telecommuting and other flexible working arrangements in the future. Learn to develop your skillset to protect your career in the coming decades.
  3. Flexible working hours: Work at your convenience, enroll in internships while at college; you can attend classes and choose when to devote time to the internship.
  4. Develop how you work: The flexibility afforded by a virtual internship is not without responsibility. Accountability, self-discipline, time management, patience, resourcefulness, and proactiveness are among the values needed for this setup to work. These will also become the foundation of your work ethics moving forward.
  5. Enhance communication skills: The virtual environment is very different from the face-to-face environment. So, you will have to master the art of conversation and negotiation digitally; be it through emails or digital meetings.
  6. Learn new skillsets: Update your skillset according to your passion and learn how to monetize and live off your diverse skillsets. One skill is a passe now.

Join our virtual internships today and explore a whole new world of possibilities!


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