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Paving new paths for you at GlobalShala

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GlobalShala is continuously working on finding new solutions to enhancing skillsets to secure future jobs. In this era of digitization and virtual environment, it is of utmost importance that we equip and familiarize ourselves with the future prospects of the current jobs. Finding new avenues and innovating newer positions is global and inevitable. Realizing the demands of the 21st-century job market, the GlobalShala team is continuously enhancing the opportunities we provide to the students.

Experiential Learning is a nine-month-old vertical of GlobalShala. This vertical is devoted to bringing the ‘learning by doing’ culture into the daily lives of the students. Virtual Internships is a way of experiential learning where virtually you can learn by doing the work yourself in stipulated time. The courses are curated by experts from Saint Louis University, Northeastern University and Illinois Institute of Technology. These courses are for students sitting anywhere in the world.

Internships, in general, can give you hands-on experience and ready you to take over future jobs. GlobalShala is providing avenues that students desire in their formative years. In GlobalShala, help will be given to those who ask for it! *

*a Harry Potter pun.

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