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Building global connections

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GlobalShala provides a lot of services to its partner universities in the form of university support. Let’s take a tour of them.

  1. Virtual Internships: Our team helps in the lead generation of prospective students for our partner universities through the virtual internships batches that go on all around the year. VI is also a way of engagement of students who are already associated with the university and are looking forward to enhancing their skills.
  2. Contests: Contests also serve as lead generation activities for the universities as these are powered by our partner universities’ scholarship opportunities. Engaging as they are, contests are a good way to earn micro and macro scholarships to study in our partner universities.
  3. Webinars: Interesting webinars from ensemble experts in the respective fields are hosted by GlobalShala. They serve as both lead generation and engagement activities.
  4. University support in the form of organic marketing, agency management, direct print mail service. Additionally, there is scholarship management, enquiry management, and application management.
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