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Your Role: Innovative entrepreneur

Your Objective: In this internship, you will help your sponsor identify a new product/ business to launch & the steps needed to make it a reality. Ideate, refine, and make a case for a business idea.

Your Learnings: Knowledge of basics of entrepreneurship: how to ask the right questions experiment with ideas; apply analytical thinking, & work effectively in teams.

Your Role: Social Media consultant

Your Objective: You will be responsible for improving your sponsor’s social media presence and grow their business. Develop recommendations on content strategy and key messages.

Your Learnings: In this internship, you will be understanding the best practices & proven strategies for digital marketing & communications.

Your Role: Data Analyst

Your Objective: You will be responsible for analyzing the data from your sponsor’s Marketing team on ad campaigns. Create a presentation for the Finance team recommending removing at least one ad campaign

Your Learnings: In this internship, you will learn how to visualize information to communicate a message to an audience.






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High School Students

Undergraduate Students

These virtual internships are experiential learning opportunities where you will be working with students like yourself from around the world, to solve real-life business problems. Each week you will be given a set of tasks to complete, all contributing and building towards your final report and presentation for the company.

At the end of the experiential learning opportunity, you will get a certificate of completion and a badge of honor to recognize your effort and hard work.

This is a global internship where you will be working with students from around the world. You are free to coordinate your internal meetings at the convenience of all group members. The assignments and weekly check in meetings will follow IST time zone, and you will receive at least one week prior notice for the same.

Yes! You will be helping GlobalShala solve real-life business problems faced by the company, and give recommendations on how to improve the same.

The GlobalShala Virtual Internship is a highly selective and coveted program with limited spots for each batch. Application procedure has 4 main steps
1. Apply by filling up the sign up form
2. Application is reviewed on the basis of SOP
3. Once selected you will be asked to pay program fees
4. After the payment you will be allotted your batch start date.

It usually takes 2-3 days to process your application and review the SOP. After you have payed your program deposit, you will be allotted the closest start date (usually 1-2 weeks post application).