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Reel Time Contest


Effective leaders that you spot around you motivate you. These leaders are making a difference and are worthy of appreciation. Videos are a great medium of storytelling, especially the tales of these heroes in action. Put your video-making skills to the test in this contest. Submit your video on the topic ‘inspired leadership in your surroundings’.  

You can document the inspirational person in a video spanning up to 1-3 minutes and keep the record of influence.  

Participate now! 

Competition Code: GS22COMP10


  • Microscholarships of US $100 to all the participants
  •  Microscholarships of US $1000 for 1st position, $800 for 2nd position, $500 for 3rd position
  • Paid internship opportunities to top 3 winners
  • GlobalShala merchandise 
  • Badges 
  • Certificate of participation 



  • Send the entries strictly in MP4 format.  
  • Strictly adhere to the topic. 
  • All ideas must be original. 
  • There must be a description with the video.  


  • Plagiarized content will be disqualified. 
  • Explicit content senders will be barred from participating in all GS contests. 
  • Submit only once. 


  1. What is the competition about?

Ans: The competition is about making video on any leader you spot in your surroundings.  

  1. Who can participate?

Ans: It is open for all. 

  1. How to submit?

Ans: Through the registration link on our contest page. 

  1. What are the prizes?

Ans: Prizes include micro-scholarships, internships at GlobalShala, and GlobalShala merchandise. 

  1. What’s the starting date?

Ans: October 4, 2022 

  1. What’s the end date?

Ans: November 30, 2022

  1. Can we participate in a group?

Ans: No, this contest is for individual participation only. 

  1. Who can participate?

Ans: If you are studying in high school, an undergraduate or a graduate student, you can participate!

Point of Contact

In case of any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us at contact@globalshala.com

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