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My Million Dollar Idea


Let’s wonder what can we derive from these words- Creativity, Innovation, Productivity, and You. With all these amazing aspects included, GlobalShala presents an exclusive advertisement contest “My Million Dollar Idea.” The contest is all about strategizing a selling plan for your dream business or product. Design an ad under our guidelines and take us through your dream plan. Amazing. Right? But don’t forget the values- Sustainability and


  1. Top 3 enteries will receive Amazon vouchers up to $20


● The submission should be made concerning your brand-new dream
● Only original work is allowed.
● Only individual participation is allowed.
● The submission can be in the form of an image or a video.
● For image, it can be art, digital art or sketching or digital sketching. There
is no custom size for the image.
● For video, it can be digital video creation or video shooting. The video
must not exceed more than 1 min 30 secs.

● No plagiarism
● No watermarks
● No grammatical or spelling errors in the content


a. What is the competition about?

Ans: The competition is about advertising your million-dollar ideas on this
given platform as a baby step towards your future establishments.

b. Who can participate?
Ans: Any Individual with a brand-new dream can participate.

c. How to submit?
Ans: Through the registration link on our contest page.

d. What are the prizes?
Ans: Prizes include scholarships and GlobalShala merchandise.

e. What’s the starting date?
Ans: June 8, 2021

f. What’s the end date?
Ans: July 8,  2021

g. Can we participate in a group?
Ans: No, this contest is for individual participants only.

Register Here

Point of Contact

For any queries or suggestions, drop an email to contact@globalshala.com