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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence pandemic during COVID-19

Home is no longer a safe space. As cases of COVID-19 rise, so do the crime rates and cases of domestic violence. Where is safety? Where is a real home

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Are we going to witness a ‘Lipstick Effect’?

Being a stressful time also necessitates a channel to dispense off the stress. Cosmetics like lipstick is a popular one in this area.

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Why your body is perfect the way it is

Be it in the form of the extremely good-looking women or the physically perfect men Hollywood continues to churn out images of a particular body kind

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Ranked high in Women's scale

Ranked high on women’s scale

To preach for women’s equal rights in one thing; to practice it another. Saint Louis University has showed that it can do both with equal grace.

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Could babies be making us love them?

Dr. Shir Atzil of the Northeastern University is a post-doctoral scholar who is working on the psychology behind affection for babies, especially seen

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