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Scheduling savvy

Scheduling Savvy

With the world's workforce being in major planning jeopardy, apps such as Taskade and Trello have stepped up to make scheduling savvy.

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scientists find anti corona vaccine

Scientists are on board to find a formula for the anti-corona vaccine

The above article gives a brief description about the work going on the anti-corona vaccine across the globe.

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Startup brings a biological revolution

In the year 2012, Northeastern University’s spinoff Quad technologies team had been selected as a finalist in the MassChallenge. MassChallenge is a

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COVID-19 Pandemic

Latin America’s future post COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the economies of countries globally. Especially in countries where the super rich are just a handful. These busines

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soil cleansing

Soil cleansing using laser zap

Cleansing the soil has become one of the prime narratives in today’s world. Using the laser zap technology that can be made possible.

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cold winds

Cold winds are not really related to global warming

Cold winds seen by the US have proven to be extremely dangerous. These polar vortices are often confused as a sign of climate change, but this isn't

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Nanotechnology, one of history’s unknown innovation

Murray Gibson, the dean of the College of Science at Northeastern University, believes that Nanotechnology has been used since ages in different field

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Nanowires and Silicon whiskers, a new age of technology

The world has seen major developments in the field of technology in recent years. One of the most booming field is nanotechnology and nanowires. Assoc

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under water work station

A revolutionary Under water station

Fabien Cousteau has put in all his efforts to do more to understand the undiscovered marine life.

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