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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence pandemic during COVID-19

Home is no longer a safe space. As cases of COVID-19 rise, so do the crime rates and cases of domestic violence. Where is safety? Where is a real home

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Lent observation has become too superficial

Lent is the time of prayer, fasting, and penitence for the love and sacrifices of Jesus Christ. It is a time of grace and to be thankful for everythin

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Having to remember things bothering you? Here’s a solution

You will never completely remember whatever you might be trying to retain- A truth universally acknowledged. Some readers admit to not remembering any

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Are we ready to go back yet?

While we are all wondering if we will be able to go back to our colleges and Universities for the coming semester, the more important question to ask

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Inclusive education in the U.S.

With the advent of “Inclusive Education” in many of the prestigious universities in the U.S, the authorities have set up an example that knowledge

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Scholarships for international students in the U.S

Scholarships will not only help the students financially but will also guarantee their admission in the respective universities of their choice.

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What will the pandemic mean for studying abroad?

One of the groups that are most stressful about their futures during the COVID-19 times are the students who had planned on studying abroad for their

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Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips’ poetry of metamorphosis of everyday life

Pervading from romantic to erotic genres, Carl Phillips addresses the death George Floyd in a striking turn in his poetry. It's realistic and too touc

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Good vibes

Good vibes and positivity in times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is depressing and boring. However, good vibes and positivity go a long way when we share it among us as a one big society, full of love.

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