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Good vibes

Good vibes and positivity in times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is depressing and boring. However, good vibes and positivity go a long way when we share it among us as a one big society, full of love.

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Don't normalise the COVID-19 situation

Why should we not normalise the COVID-19 situation?

Don't normalise the COVID-19 situation. It won't end ever, then. We must join hands to come out of this together, practising all stringent precautions

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Societal trauma

Healing societal trauma in men of colour

Generations of societal trauma has burned and hollowed the lives of black people, especially men, who are rigid to admit and overcome this feeling of

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Stop taking mental health issues casually!

Self-care and self-love is your remedy. Talk to yourself, your friends, your parents, or your teachers. You are worthy of every good thing out there.

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