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Scheduling savvy

Scheduling Savvy

With the world's workforce being in major planning jeopardy, apps such as Taskade and Trello have stepped up to make scheduling savvy.

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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence pandemic during COVID-19

Home is no longer a safe space. As cases of COVID-19 rise, so do the crime rates and cases of domestic violence. Where is safety? Where is a real home

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baby dies in ghana

Every 15 minutes a baby dies in Ghana

A baby dies in Ghana once every 15 minutes, according to UNICEF. That’s approximately 29,000 newborn deaths each year due to lack of medical help.

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CDC Forced To Give Up Control

Following a federal mandate, The CDC had been forced to give up the control over COVID-19 data collection to a new system set up by a private tech fir

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coronavirus and racism

Stressful atmosphere in the U.S.- Virus and racism

The outbreak of corona virus and racism issue has affected the mental health of the people of the U.S badly, a new national survey shows.

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Virtual Events to turn to During Lockdown – 1

In the second edition, Northeastern University addresses a wider variety of topics through the aid of its virtual events for its students.

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For the love and life of food

Serving authentic Pakistani food, Zaheer Khan's business grew far and wide. Not just this, she has managed to keep herself intact even during the pand

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University after pandemic

University education after the pandemic

The universities are trying to re-establish the space for living, learning, and recreational activities after the pandemic.

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Don't normalise the COVID-19 situation

Why should we not normalise the COVID-19 situation?

Don't normalise the COVID-19 situation. It won't end ever, then. We must join hands to come out of this together, practising all stringent precautions

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