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contact tracing

What is the importance of contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an essential public health tool for controlling the on-going pandemic. If applied properly, it can break the chain of transmission

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Scheduling savvy

Scheduling Savvy

With the world's workforce being in major planning jeopardy, apps such as Taskade and Trello have stepped up to make scheduling savvy.

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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence pandemic during COVID-19

Home is no longer a safe space. As cases of COVID-19 rise, so do the crime rates and cases of domestic violence. Where is safety? Where is a real home

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New order sparks hope in the lives of students on campus.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, college, and universities have been closed for a fairly large period of time.

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Brazil and the COVID-19 pandemic

Along with emerging as the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil is confronting a tense political climate and social unrest.

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Role of primary care physicians during the pandemic

Primary care physicians are innovating different ways to provide health care and are adapting to different technologies to keep their practices afloat

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Technology- A key enabler in fighting COVID-19

Technology has increased traceability by sharing data and promoted remote working to support social distancing and maintain business continuity.

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baby dies in ghana

Every 15 minutes a baby dies in Ghana

A baby dies in Ghana once every 15 minutes, according to UNICEF. That’s approximately 29,000 newborn deaths each year due to lack of medical help.

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CDC Forced To Give Up Control

Following a federal mandate, The CDC had been forced to give up the control over COVID-19 data collection to a new system set up by a private tech fir

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