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21st Century Skills

Social Skills, Teamwork, Leadership- 21st Century Skills for Success

All learners and young leaders today need social skills to be able to collaborate and work in a team and attain success for one and all.

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21st Century Skills

Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity as 21st-century skills

21st century skills like creativity, communication, and critical thinking play an important part in measuring your success.

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Rise of online modules and online classes

Online modules – The new replacement to college degrees

Online modules are diverse and easy-to-take. They are a new alternative for a regular college degree because you can gain credits and certifications.

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Good vibes

Good vibes and positivity in times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is depressing and boring. However, good vibes and positivity go a long way when we share it among us as a one big society, full of love.

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Remember things without having to struggle

You will never completely remember whatever you might be trying to retain- a truth universally acknowledged. Some readers admit to not remembering any

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What is the new normal?

Putting on masks, sanitising your hands, avoiding crowded places, and maintaining social distancing has become the new routine in everyone’s liv

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