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Importance of mental health

Importance of Mental Health

18.5% of American adults experience a mental illness. So you must know the importance of mental health as an integral part of our lives.

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Mental health hotline for the frontline warriors

The exponential rise in the number of cases have created a stressful scenario for the doctors and nurses. Their mental health is the key to right trea

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healthcare cost

How much expenditure does the healthcare sector incur?

Healthcare cost can hurt pockets and drain out savings quickly. Thus, it is important to manage the expenditure of the healthcare sector.

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Frontline warriors get a well-deserved tribute

After tirelessly looking after patients for hours and hours a day, the front line warriors like doctors and nurses gets a musical tribute.

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Is the U.S. healthcare sector hampering the environment?

On one side, we all are appreciating the efforts of our doctors in this extraordinary situation, but the other side of the healthcare sector stands ig

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