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soil cleansing

Soil cleansing using laser zap

Cleansing the soil has become one of the prime narratives in today’s world. Using the laser zap technology that can be made possible.

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Harmful Chemicals In Drinking Water

Americans exposed to harmful chemicals in drinking water

One of these found that American tap water systems are filled with harmful chemicals in drinking water. These taps serve almost 15 million Americans

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Rise of online modules and online classes

Online modules – The new replacement to college degrees

Online modules are diverse and easy-to-take. They are a new alternative for a regular college degree because you can gain credits and certifications.

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COVID-19: A New Beginning

The wave of COVID-19 has affected everyone at different levels. But it has also given birth to a new beginning for everyone and everything.

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Helmuth’s study on ideological divide

Humans aren’t even an inch short in extracting the monetary benefit out of everything they see and feel.

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The lessons from COVID-19

Humanity has always burned the nature with its pride. And like every downfall it ever sees, COVID-19 also has taught some lessons we can never forget.

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Why should we protect salt marshes?

Nothing can ever substitute the importance and benefits of salt marshes. Are we protecting them enough? Are they slowly dying away?

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