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education system

COVID-19 – The Reality Check For World Education System

COVID has been a huge hit to the prevailing education system. However, it can also be viewed as a reality check for the world governments.

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face mask

Face mask – a protection tool against coronavirus?

This article is to provide information about the importance of a face mask and how to prepare a face mask, as preferred, at home.

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contact tracing

What is the importance of contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an essential public health tool for controlling the on-going pandemic. If applied properly, it can break the chain of transmission

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homemade masks

How to make homemade masks more effective?

Northeastern researchers find out ways to improve the efficacy of different homemade masks.

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scientists find anti corona vaccine

Scientists are on board to find a formula for the anti-corona vaccine

The above article gives a brief description about the work going on the anti-corona vaccine across the globe.

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microbes in water

Microbes in water is a very natural process

The above article alarms about the next coming threat after the covid 19 due to the global lockdown and its impact on stagnant drinking water.

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Mental health hotline for the frontline warriors

The exponential rise in the number of cases have created a stressful scenario for the doctors and nurses. Their mental health is the key to right trea

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Does containing Coronavirus means surrendering your privacy?

Public health officials are scrambling to rapidly ramp up contact tracing, which involves tracking down people who may have come in contact with someo

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CDC Forced To Give Up Control

Following a federal mandate, The CDC had been forced to give up the control over COVID-19 data collection to a new system set up by a private tech fir

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