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COVID-19 – The Reality Check For World Education System

COVID has been a huge hit to the prevailing education system. However, it can also be viewed as a reality check for the world governments.

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Feeding the Neighbourhood Children

Since 2008, George Benner has dedicated his life to feeding the hungry in his neighbourhood and has set up the Round Table charity for that.

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Rise of online modules and online classes

Online modules – The new replacement to college degrees

Online modules are diverse and easy-to-take. They are a new alternative for a regular college degree because you can gain credits and certifications.

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Platform for Change

Debra Roberts has been elected as the first black selectperson of Stoughton. She wants to use her platform to bring about great changes and diversity.

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Why should we protect salt marshes?

Nothing can ever substitute the importance and benefits of salt marshes. Are we protecting them enough? Are they slowly dying away?

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