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Which university is better Oxford or Cambridge?

Oxford or Cambridge

In the world of education, the universities of Cambridge and Oxford have ruled for centuries. These two universities are among the best and most established in the United Kingdom. For overseas students, it might be challenging to discern the distinctions between Cambridge and Oxford universities, nevertheless. 


University of Oxford 

With 44 colleges spread across a wide old site and the largest library system in the United Kingdom, Oxford University was founded in 1096. With over 40% of them coming from abroad, over 20,000 students have discovered it to be the ideal location for receiving the best education. Students both national and international are offered with opulent student housing in Oxford to choose from for their comfortable living during their study years.  

University of Cambridge 

Cambridge University offers unique benefits that both students and working professionals find appealing. Cambridge University is one of the oldest institutions with a rich history, having been founded in 1209.It has consistently held the top spot for many years because to its outstanding professors and more than 150 academic divisions.   

Oxford Vs Cambridge: Similarities 

International Diversity 

Oxford and Cambridge similarly represent international diversity. As one might expect, scholars and students from all over the world like Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford leads in terms of the percentage of international students, while Cambridge scores marginally higher in terms of the percentage of international faculty members, notwithstanding recent criticism over Oxford’s alleged lack of diversity. Thus, the other’s ratio balances and overlaps. 

Social Life 

The “College system,” an optional housing arrangement that enables students to live, dine, and socialise in a community with distinct customs and culture, is used by both universities. There are 39 colleges in Oxford and 31 in Cambridge. For at least their first year of college, the majority of people reside on campus.  

Both Oxford and Cambridge provide a variety of options to play on a team, even though neither school makes the same investments in athletics as schools in the US. Both institutions let you start your own clubs outside of athletics. Ultimately, it boils down to your preference for bars or clubs. 

Oxford Vs Cambridge: Differences 


Oxford and Cambridge are virtually tied when we compare their respective ranks. They are ranked differently by different institutions. Oxford was ranked one in the globe and second overall and for research by The Times just recently. Oxford city was ranked fifth and Cambridge third in the world for teaching, according to another ranking. 

However, there aren’t many distinctions between Oxford and Cambridge on a worldwide scale; both universities have held steadfast positions in the world’s top 10 for many years. Oxbridge is a brand that you can trust to never let you down. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that after being accepted into one of these elite institutions, your life will go quite smoothly. 

Better City 

Oxford feels larger and more like a city than a university, whereas Cambridge is more like a sizable campus that also happens to be a city. This is one of the main contrasts between Oxford and Cambridge. As a result, the environments at the two campuses are significantly different. Every Oxbridge student feels enthralled by the excitement of enrolling on campus, wondering where life will take them from their current position. Both universities share this feeling.  

Although cost of university of Oxford accommodation and Cambridge accommodation are exorbitant (rent and house prices will blow your mind), students can actually save money on their living expenditures thanks to the Colleges. Budgeting for things like living expenses, food, and books becomes vital. Oxford suggests between £12,168 and £18,655 a year, while Cambridge advises students to budget at least £10,950. 

Choosing Between Oxford and Cambridge  

The argument between Cambridge and Oxford is never-ending. You must choose which is the greatest, though, as each university has advantages and both are leaders in their respective professions. Since there is no end to this discussion, pick the one that best suits you. Finally, find some of the greatest student apartments in Oxford provided by the leading student housing providers for a convenient and comfortable stay. 

Wrapping up 

All things considered, it is undeniable that Oxford and Cambridge remain unbeaten on their respective thrones. Studying at Oxford is as bit as prestigious and respected as graduating from Cambridge. It primarily depends on the subjects you are more likely to choose and make the decision about. 

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