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What is Form Board Survey and How to Do It?

What is Form Board Survey and How to Do It?

A form board survey is a simple and inexpensive way for a company to gather feedback from employees about various topics. It involves placing survey questions on a message board or whiteboard where employees can view and anonymously provide written responses. Let’s explore how to conduct an effective form board survey. The Hownest team conducted the form board survey for one of the client’s. Here are the steps followed.

Displaying the Survey Questions:

The first step is to clearly display the survey questions on the form board. You’ll want to use large writing so it’s easily readable from a distance. Keep the questions concise and straightforward. Some sample questions could include:

  • What do you like most about working here?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving company culture?
  • What changes would make your job easier?
  • Make sure to leave plenty of space under each question for responses. Numbering the questions also helps respondents know which question they’re answering.

Gathering Responses Anonymously

Place pens or markers near the board so employees write their answers directly on it. This allows responses to remain anonymous, encouraging open and honest feedback. Reassure staff their comments will remain confidential.

Collect Feedback Over Time

Leave the survey questions displayed for at least a week to give everyone a chance to respond during break times. Check the board daily to see what new insights are offered. Leaving it up longer gathers perspectives from all shifts.

Analyzing and Acting on Feedback

Once the response period ends, carefully analyze the feedback for common themes. Tally similar ideas to see which receive the most mentions. This input directly from employees should provide meaningful insights into how your company is functioning and suggestions for positive change.

Share the findings with management and brainstorm actions to address top concerns. Communicate back to staff the survey results and any resulting policy or workplace adjustments. Showing their input was heard will encourage continued participation.

Periodically Re-survey

Form board surveys work best as an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. Repeating the process every few months keeps the communication pathway open and allows you to track changes over time. Employees actively shape their own work experiences through this participatory feedback system.

While the initial focus may be on company culture or work environment, expand the range of topics over time. Surveying additional issues provides a well-rounded understanding of employee sentiment. Some other potential questions include:

  • How satisfied are you with your current job role and responsibilities?
  • What benefits would most improve your work-life balance?
  • How can leadership better support your professional development goals?

Providing Context

For certain surveys, include some background context to give responses useful framework. For instance, if assessing a new initiative, explain the goal or outline recent changes being made. Providing context helps responses focus constructively on continuous improvement rather than vague complaints.

Ensuring Anonymity

To encourage open honesty, employees must feel confident their specific feedback will remain truly anonymous. Have a third party collect and analyze responses if needed. Destroy any records connecting handwriting to individuals. Reassure honesty over politeness is preferred to most help your organization.

Incentivizing Participation

Offer a small reward like coffee/snacks or chance to win a prize for each completed survey to boost engagement. Recognize top respondents monthly. Thank all staff regularly for their participation in collectively enhancing the workplace experience. Addressing even small issues can improve employee satisfaction and retention long-term.

Leveraging Technology

Paper form boards work well for convenience but technologies like anonymous online surveys provide wider participation (e.g. for remote employees). Surveying monthly keeps feedback timely while limiting fatigue. Custom apps also allow rating metrics to graphical track trends over time.

In conclusion, regular form board or tech-enabled surveys sustain an open dialogue empowering staff with ownership of workplace improvements. Combined with management follow-through, it builds trust and motivation across the organization.

Final Words:

In summary, a form board survey creates an engaging and accessible way for companies of any size to easily collect anonymous feedback from their workforce.

Regular use generates a continuous cycle of input, evaluation, action and accountability – all helping to build a more positive and productive work environment.

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