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What Do Different Colour of Scrubs Mean In Healthcare?

A group of Doctors wearing different of Scrubs.

Scrubs are available in almost every hue under the sun, but what does every colour stand for? Several hospital staff kinds are assigned several scrub colours, whereas other hospital staff members are free to choose. We’ve outlined the many feelings that each colour for the scrubs for doctors UK conjures based on colour psychology, along with the colours that medical professionals, nurses, phlebotomists, & surgeons assistants tend to wear.

Hunter Green

Surgical team members frequently wear green scrubs in the operating room. Green is a great hue to wear during lengthy surgical operations since it is said to be calming and gentle on the eyes. Additionally, since green scrubs do not reflect light, which can be distracting during surgery, they are preferred. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical personnel wear green scrubs, frequently referred to as “surgical greens”.


Perhaps one of the less common scrub hues is black. It might come out as a little stern & distant, despite being fashionable and clever. Because of this, paediatric & emergency departments shouldn’t use it. Light lab coats or scrub jackets might help to break up the monotone appearance of your black scrubs.


Physicians, dentists, as well as other healthcare providers frequently wear white scrubs. These are frequently connected to competence, purity, and cleanliness. But white scrubs show stains rapidly, and they may be hard to keep clean. White scrubs are therefore less frequent in many hospitals.


Brown is another rather unusual colour for scrubs, similar to black. Although this shade of scrubs could be a suitable choice if you want to cover up stains & markings, it isn’t the most inviting colour. Once more, you may add some colour to your brown scrubs by either purchasing a bright scrubs cap or layering a colourful jacket over your scrub top.


In hospitals, grey scrubs are growing more and more common, particularly among nurses and other healthcare workers. They are colour-neutral and appropriate for all body types. Stain-resistant and simple to maintain, grey scrubs hide stains well.


Even though they are less prevalent, purple scrubs remain important in medical environments. They frequently signify certain departments or tasks and are symbolic of traits like empathy and kindness. Because of its relaxing qualities, the colour helps create a comfortable environment for people. Purple scrubs are meant for specific professions; they communicate uniqueness & dedication to providing sensitive care.

Additional Colours

Certain hospitals may designate distinct positions or speciality wearing various coloured of men’s V neck scrub. For instance, several hospitals may assign emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to red scrubs and maternity & neonatal personnel to pink scrubs. Different colours could be used in other institutions to designate various employee levels. For example, registered nurses can put on light blue scrubs, whereas licensed practical nurses can wear dark blue scrubs.

Aspects Of Safety Concerning Scrub Colours

When deciding on scrub colours, there will be two primary safety concerns to think about. These are usefulness and recognition. In an emergency, having the ability to locate a physician or nurse quickly and easily can significantly help. Any kind of colour-coding system at a medical institution needs everybody to understand the meaning of the scrub colours to be successful. It is imperative that all employees strictly adhere to established colour codes and norms.

Usability is the second most important factor in safety. White scrubs or a bright white coat may strain the eyes, as we have previously seen. For surgeons as well as other healthcare providers who perform precise, detailed work, it can pose a major safety risk. On the other hand, it’s also critical that washes are sufficiently light to reveal blemishes like bloodstains. Early detection of bleeding is beneficial for treating patients. Thus, it would be best to stay away from black and brown if you are employed in an emergency room.

The Significance Of Color-Coded Pharmaceuticals

Medical scrubs with colour coding may boost staff morale, streamline workflow, and make it easier for patients to go about the facility. They may help new hires more quickly recognise their coworkers and inspire existing staff members to develop a feeling of belonging. If you’re not sure what colour scrubs are best for you, find out from your hospital or healthcare provider which colours they need, or see what colours your coworkers are sporting.


Hospitals employ distinct coloured scrubs to indicate and convey the wearer’s job, skill, and expertise. Hunter Surgical staff members frequently wear green scrubs, nurses use royal blue scrubs, and physicians wear white scrubs. Scrubs in the hues of black and grey are growing in popularity, while additional colours can be used to signify distinct duties or specialisations. In addition to helping hospitals stay clean and lower the danger of infection, scrubs allow healthcare staff members to identify one another and interact with one another.

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