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Unforgettable Adventures At Musandam Dibba: Cruises, Safaris, And More

Experience an exciting day of adventure and excitement as we bring the Musandam Dibba peninsula alive for you. Join us as we embark on an incredible voyage through its ancient landscape!

Take pleasure in a dhow cruise featuring an indulgent lunch, tea, coffee, fruit and water activities – as we sail past Hajar mountain and other fascinating landmarks of the area. Enjoy all that the sea has to offer as we sail past Hajar mountain!

Discovering Musandam Dibba: Nature’s Hidden Oasis

Musandam Dibba Peninsula is an underrated gem in Oman. Boasting jagged coastline, crystalline blue waters and rich marine wildlife, it makes an excellent place for enjoying nature at its finest. From relaxing cruises to adventure tours and more, Musandam Dibba has something special in store for everyone – read on to discover its top things to see and do.

Musandam Dibba can best be experienced on a dhow cruise. These full-day tours provide ample opportunity to spot dolphins, visit Telegraph Island and Sebi Island, as well as sample delicious Omani food and tea – not forgetting fishing, snorkeling, banana boat riding and fishing! With several Musandam Khasab dhow cruise packages to suit different preferences available to you, your experience on Musandam Khasab dhow cruise could become one of the highlights of your holiday experience!

Are you seeking an unforgettable adventure trip? A Musandam Dibba safari tour provides just that experience. These tours allow visitors to discover beautiful landscapes of this region, such as towering fjords and ancient Portuguese forts. Additionally, Carpet Market visits and magnificent sights of Masafi Mountains await their visit.

Make the most out of your Musandam Dibba safari experience by booking your tickets early – this will ensure a stress-free journey and give Viator’s helpful Customer Support Team time to address any concerns that may arise during your adventure.

Exploring Hajar Mountains’ Natural Wonders

Hajar range’s rugged mountains are home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Their peaks reach over 2000m with Jebel Misht (2393m). Traditional villages can be found throughout this area as well as hiking trails for 2-hour strolls to demanding 10-hour treks that have been waymarked by Oman Tourism Ministry; most trails follow ancient donkey paths that have been in use for centuries.

Avifauna in this region includes Egyptian and lappet-faced vultures, while mammals include mountain gazelles and Arabian tahr. Shrubs and grasses dominate vegetation here, along with remnant Artemisia steppe above 1000m. Furthermore, mountains boast several unique geckos and lizards such as Wadi Kharrar rock geckoes as well as Gallagher’s leaf-toed gecko.

Musandam Dibba offers an unforgettable experience. Hop aboard a Dhow cruise from Dibba’s port and cruise through this striking bay with high cliffs of various shapes and colors, then relax atop its deck while taking in stunning scenery from above the deck or indulge in activities such as banana boat rides, swimming or snorkelling – or take part in one of many fishing and speedboat trips to nearby white caves with weather-worn swirls of limestone that you will witness from this thrilling journey!

Explore one or more of the old villages or visit a turtle sanctuary – perfect for families with young children! Both attractions offer something for all age groups.

Six Senses Zighy Bay: Coastal Luxury

Musandam Dibba Peninsula’s Zighy Bay enchants with its mix of mountainous landscape and postcard-worthy beach, creating a hidden treasure for one of the resort founders and still feels magical today.

This resort offers villas and suites made from natural stone, timber, and earth. Some villas are nestled into cliffs while others sit along sunlit beaches – each featuring private pools that boast mountain views. All this tranquility can be reached within two hours drive from Dubai!

At the resort, there are many dining options, from the terrace-positioned Summer House serving contemporary international bites to the hilltop restaurant’s 9-course tasting menu with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Oman. Additionally, enjoy tapas at an al fresco bar or hire a personal chef to provide private dinner service in your villa.

Six Senses Zighy Bay’s culinary program showcases unique, fresh, and local ingredients sourced from its organic farm and garden. Additionally, Six Senses Zighy Bay runs an environmental program with social engagement initiatives supporting nearby schools, hospitals, and charities like Sharjah Charity International.

Activities at this resort range from diving and snorkeling in Zighy Bay to exploring white caves and hiking Hajer Mountain. Additionally, water sports enthusiasts will find plenty to keep them occupied; we suggest hiring a guide like Muhammed from Enjoy Musandam as he knows all the best spots!

Discover Khasab: Oman’s Fjord Paradise

Khasab, often dubbed the ‘Norway of Arabia,” boasts impressive natural beauty, exhilarating activities and rich cultural insights that promise an unforgettable experience.

Fjords of Oman are filled with traditional villages and small fishing boats powered by Zaruqah boats (a type of wooden fisherman’s boat). Khasab Castle, an old fortification dotted with artefacts and exhibits, serves as the main draw. Within it you’ll find both a museum as well as a housing exhibition which recreates an area within it in terms of furniture styles common during its days of residence.

After your tour of Musandam Dibba Castle, head out to sea where a traditional wooden dhow awaits. Lounge on its shaded decks while sipping drinks as you explore Musandam’s spectacular fjords and towering mountains of limestone. Admire Musandam Dibba abundant wildlife including bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles who frequent these calm turquoise waters.

Unsavor a buffet lunch while spending your time at the marina. Here, you can experience exciting watersports such as kayaking or paddle-boarding; go kayaking; snorkel or swim in crystal-clear waters; take a banana boat ride; or try your hand at deep sea fishing!

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