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Understanding #131026 Error or Message Undeliverable in WhatsApp Business API

131026 Error or Message Undeliverable

In the campaign list, we notice some recipient numbers marked as failed with error messages.

Sometimes WhatsApp business messages do not reach clients. But do not worry. Let us look into common mistakes like messages not being delivered when sending a broadcast using WhatsApp Business API.

Next, let us understand why the campaign shows a ‘131026 message undeliverable’ error during broadcasting. We will explore what this Whatsapp error code means and how to fix these issues or any other problems.

What is #131026 Error?

In Whatsapp Business API, error #131026 means your broadcast messages couldn’t be delivered. This happens when the beneficiary has not agreed to get your messages or if your message does not follow WhatsApp rules. To fix this make sure you follow WhatsApp terms ensure recipients have signed up to receive your messages and do not worry too much about these errors.

Cause to #131026 Message Undeliverable Error

Reasons that can cause the #131026 message undeliverable error:

  1. The recipient’s phone number is not registered on WhatsApp.
  2. The recipient has opted out of receiving messages from your business or may have blocked your business number. To resolve this ensure your WhatsApp business number is not blocked by them (check-in WhatsApp settings>privacy>blocked or blocked contacts)
  3. The recipient has not agreed to WhatsApp’s latest terms of service and privacy policy. To fix this make sure your customer has accepted WhatsApp’s updated terms (Check in WhatsApp settings>Help or Application info to prompt them to accept if they have not already.)
  4. The recipient is using an outdated version of WhatsApp. To resolve this they need to update WhatsApp to at least:
  • Android: Version or higher
  • iOS: Version or higher
  • Web: Version 2.2132.6 or higher

Error Code 131042: Business Eligibility Payment Issue

These errors show up for a few reasons:

  1. The payment account must be linked to a WhatsApp Business account.
  2. There may be issues with the card or bank processing the payment.
  3. The payment account must be linked to a WhatsApp business account.
  4. Their payment account must be linked to a WhatsApp business account.

To fix this:

  • Go to your Dashboard and tap on ‘Display Limit’ or directly go to Meta > WhatsApp Account> Payment to address the payment problem or outstanding amount.
  • Often these issues are related to payment processing errors.

Also if someone exceeds the free communication limit without a valid payment method they should link a payment option in the billing section to resolve it.

Error Code 131025: Template is Paused

The template is currently paused because it does not meet the required quality standards for sending a template message. To resolve this you should either wait until the template is improved to meet the standards or create a new and better version of the template message this ensures that it meets all necessary criteria for approval and can be used effectively.

Error Code 132016: Template is Disabled

Error code 132016 occurred because the template was repeatedly disabled due to its low quality. To fix this issue, create a new template that meets the required quality standards. This new template should be carefully designed to ensure its companies with all guidelines and are suitable for use without triggering further errors. Once the new template is created and approved, you should be able to use it successfully without encountering error code 132016.

Error Code 133004: Server Temporarily Unavailable

The WhatsApp or meta server is currently unavailable. Please visit the WhatsApp business platform status page to check the API status and get updates before attempting to write again. You can find the meta WhatsApp business platform server status here for more details on when service will be restored.

Error Code 133006: Phone Number Re-verification Required

Before you can register you need to verify your phone number for WhatsApp. Please make sure to verify your WhatsApp phone number.

For more information about the 131026 error code related to WhatsApp business API, you can visit the meta URL:


If you encounter other errors during meta or WhatsApp account setup besides the WhatsApp 131026 error code do not worry. Feel free to contact us for assistance. We are here to help you resolve issues like this in every way possible.

Understanding the New Policy

Whatsapp has outlined its new strategy in its official terms of service focusing on enhancing user experience and improving engagement with marketing template messages.

As part of this strategy, WhatsApp will limit the number of messages any customer can receive from any organization within a specific timeframe. This measure aims to prioritize more impactful messages and reduce less effective ones.

This restriction will apply specifically to marketing message templates used for initiating new marketing communications how conversations between businesses and customers both old and current will remain unaffected and can continue without interruption.

Regarding delivery issues, WhatsApp provides specific error codes to indicate failed message delivery under their policy:

  1. WhatsApp 131026 error code for cloud APIs
  2. #131026 error code for on-prem APIs

These error codes cover a wide range of delivery issues. Whatsapp emphasizes that due to privacy considerations, they do not confirm whether a message non-delivery is solely due to reaching message limits.

This policy was first implemented in India starting February 2024 and will gradually roll out globally in phases.


Understanding why some WhatsApp Business API messages fail to reach recipients, particularly those marked with a #131026 error, is crucial for effective communication. This error typically occurs when messages cannot be delivered. Reasons include recipients not consenting to receive messages, message content not meeting WhatsApp’s guidelines, or technical issues like outdated app versions.

To resolve the #131026 error:

  1. Ensure recipients have agreed to receive your messages and are using updated WhatsApp versions (Android:, iOS:, Web: 2.2132.6+).
  2. Check if recipients have blocked your business number or opted out of messages.
  3. Verify that your message content complies with WhatsApp’s terms and privacy policies.

Additionally, other errors like #131025 (Template is Paused) or #132016 (Template is Disabled) can occur due to template quality issues. For these, updating or improving templates is necessary to meet WhatsApp’s standards.

WhatsApp’s new policies, effective February 2024 in India and gradually worldwide, aim to enhance user experience by limiting marketing message volumes. This ensures messages remain impactful without overwhelming users. Ongoing customer-business conversations are unaffected by these restrictions.

For updates on these policies and handling other errors, visit Meta’s WhatsApp Business Platform status page or contact us for assistance. We’re here to help resolve any issues you encounter, ensuring your messages reach your audience effectively.

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