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Living and Studying in London – What’s It Really Like?

Living and Studying in London

London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, is a city popular for more than a century for varied reasons. One of the major reasons is unquestionably higher education, which has made this city a hub for students. This city is one of the top two global cities and financial hubs in the world, which has made this city more alluring for everyone including international students. 

Living in London happens to be a great experience for students. Studying here adds weight to their profiles. Here, we will mention what it is really like to live and study in London. 

A Great Experience to Live in a Top Global City 

As already stated, London is one of the top two global cities in the world. The other one is New York, and for a few years, these two cities have been ranked in the top two positions. This year also, some agencies keep London at the number one place and New York at number two whereas some others keep London in the second position and New York in the first position. 

In both cases, London has a huge significance and students get a great experience of living in a top global city in the world. The influence of the status of the top global city can be seen in everything such as the facilities a student gets in his/her university, college, or student accommodation in London. 

A Corporate Culture in a Financial Hub 

Another great experience students get is of living in a corporate culture in a financial hub. London is also one of the top financial hubs in the world, which makes it a favourite place for corporate people. Students get great chances to meet the corporate people here, which proves to be beneficial for their future careers. 

Amazing Student Life 

Student life in London is amazing without a second thought. Here, you get a multicultural society of students as you can see students from all continents in this place. There are many student clubs and organizations in the universities and colleges in London. Moreover, you also find on-campus accommodations in different universities here. Brunel University London accommodation is one of the best types that we can take as an example. You can visit Brunel University’s accommodation office in order to find the right accommodation according to your choice. Besides, you also get amazing off-campus student accommodations in London which you will read in the next section. 

In universities and colleges in London, there are excellent arrangements for sports activities. Many other recreational activities and events are also organized here from time to time. 

Excellent Arrangements and Experiences in Off-Campus Student Housing Properties in London 

Off-campus student housing in London provides excellent arrangements and experiences to students. However, there are accommodations available in different price ranges so in different properties, you find different types of amenities. In some properties, you can find basic amenities whereas, in others, you may find a plethora of high-end amenities also. 

In the basic amenities, we can count study desks and chairs, private and group study rooms, internet connections with Wi-Fi, laundries, kitchen appliances, storage spaces, and more. Besides, many London student accommodation properties have high-end amenities such as gyms, yoga rooms, games rooms (with games like pool, table tennis, and foosball), sports courts, cinemas, swimming pools, and more. Living in these properties gives the feel of a big society to students. Many students don’t find such facilities near their houses in their home countries but here, they can access them easily. 

World-Class Education 

London and many other cities in the UK are famous for providing world-class education to students. Imperial College London has been ranked 2nd among 1500 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2025. Some other universities in London are also among the top 100 universities in the world among which we can especially take the name of University College London (UCL), which is in 9th position in the aforesaid rankings. 

There is no doubt that students get world-class education in London, which is evident from the rankings of its universities. The universities/colleges in London have experienced and learned faculty and excellent research and study facilities. 

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