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Keeping Your Cigars in Perfect Condition: A Guide to Boveda Holders

Boveda holder for a cigar

For cigar aficionados, maintaining a consistent and ideal humidity level is crucial for preserving the flavor and aroma of their prized smokes. This is where Boveda packs come in, offering a hassle-free solution to humidity control. But what about keeping your Boveda packs organized and out of the way within your humidor? Enter the Boveda holder, a simple yet effective accessory that elevates your cigar storage game.

The Importance of Humidity Control for Cigars

Cigars are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb and release moisture from their environment. The ideal humidity range for storing cigars falls between 65% and 75%. If the humidity level is too low, your cigars will dry out, becoming brittle and harsh-smoking. Conversely, excessively high humidity can lead to mold growth and an unpleasant smell.

Here’s how improper humidity can affect your cigars:

  • Low Humidity

 Dry cigars crack easily, have a muted flavor profile, and burn hot and uneven.

  • High Humidity

 Cigars become soft and lose their shape, burn unevenly, and are susceptible to mold growth.

Boveda packs address this challenge by employing a patented two-way humidity control technology. These packs contain a natural salt solution encased in a semi-permeable membrane. When the humidity level in your humidor drops below the designated RH (relative humidity) level of the Boveda pack, the solution releases moisture into the air. Conversely, if the humidity becomes too high, the pack absorbs excess moisture, creating a stable and balanced environment for your cigars.

Benefits of Using a Boveda Holder

While Boveda packs themselves are highly effective, a Boveda holder offers several advantages:

  • Organization

Boveda holders keep your Boveda packs neatly organized and readily accessible. This is particularly beneficial for larger humidors where loose packs can easily get misplaced.

  • Improved Air Circulation

 By elevating the Boveda packs off the humidor floor or shelf, you ensure optimal air circulation around the packs, allowing them to function more efficiently. This is especially important for larger humidors.

  • Aesthetics

 Boveda holders, particularly those crafted from cedar wood, add a touch of elegance to your humidor’s interior.

Types of Boveda Holders

Boveda offers two primary types of holders:

  • Cedar Boveda Holder

 This classic option is constructed from aromatic cedar wood, which complements the natural flavors of your cigars. The cedar holder typically holds four size 60 Boveda packs, suitable for humidors that can accommodate around 100 cigars. It comes with two mounting options: a hook-and-loop fastener or a magnetic strip for easy attachment to the underside of your humidor lid, a shelf, or a tray.

  • Slim Cedar Boveda Holder

 This space-saving option is ideal for smaller humidors. It holds two size 60 Boveda packs side-by-side or stacked on top of each other. Similar to the larger cedar holder, it includes mounting hardware for a secure and convenient placement.

Third-Party Boveda Holders

Several third-party manufacturers also offer Boveda holders in various materials, including metal and acrylic. These holders can be a good option if you prefer a more modern aesthetic or require a holder with a different capacity.

Choosing the Right Boveda Holder

The ideal Boveda holder for a cigar depends on the size of your humidor and your personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Humidor Size

 Larger humidors will benefit from a holder that can accommodate more Boveda packs.

  • Mounting Location

 Choose a holder with a mounting option that best suits your humidor’s interior layout.

  • Material

 Cedar holders offer a classic look, while metal or acrylic holders provide a more contemporary aesthetic.

Using Your Boveda Holder

Here’s how to get the most out of your Boveda holder:

  1. Prepare the Mounting Surface

 Clean and dry the area in your humidor where you plan to attach the holder.

  1. Choose Your Mounting Method

 Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the holder using either the adhesive strips or the magnetic sheet (if applicable).

  1. Insert Boveda Packs

 Place the recommended number of Boveda packs (based on your humidor size) inside the holder.

  1. Monitor Humidity Levels

 Regularly check your humidor’s humidity level using a hygrometer to ensure the Boveda packs are functioning effectively.



Boveda holders are a simple yet valuable accessory for any cigar enthusiast. They promote optimal Boveda pack performance, improve air circulation within your humidor, and keep your Boveda packs organized and readily accessible.

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