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Is It Expensive to Live in Bristol as a Student?

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol is a popular destination for international students. Although it is cheaper than London, the cost of living is still higher than in cities like Liverpool and Manchester. Despite its small size the city is densely populated because of all the things that it has to offer.  

Several international students flock to the city every year, which has influenced the rise of flexible student accommodation in Bristol. Your student apartment plays a huge role in defining your budget and expenses while you study in this city. 

Let us find out more about living in Bristol! 

About the Bristol City 

Bristol is a compact city occupying the Southwest region of England. It is filled with trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants which you can visit as a student here. The city regularly hosts musical and cultural events and has an eclectic food scene. It houses over 30,000 students. 

The city offers academic excellence, a diverse culture, maritime history, lively atmosphere, and good employment opportunities. The bus service in the city is not considered to be that good although you can practically cycle to anywhere in Bristol. A popular place for students and youngsters to live in the UK. 

Bristol Cathedral

It is a major city like London but is cheaper in various aspects. When it comes to rent, utility bills, transport, and going out of Bristol is significantly more affordable (it is 14% cheaper than London!). According to QS Best Student Cities Ranking, Bristol comes under the top 50. 

Bristol offers you all the perks of living in a metropolitan city at a comparatively cheaper cost of living. It gained the status of the happiest city in the UK in the year 2019. It is a beautiful city to live and study in. Being such a popular destination, you can also find a lot of options for student accommodation in Bristol. 

Budget Your Spending 

It might not be easy at first but to save money and not feel financially strained you will have to budget your expenses. Eventually, following this budget will become a habit and it will help immensely in managing your funds. 


International students spend around £700- £800 monthly in Bristol excluding rent. The rent for your student accommodation in Bristol can approximately be £600 per month. This estimate gives you an idea that spending levels are higher in Bristol as compared to other cities. It is the third most expensive city in the UK. 

Expenses  Average Cost 
Tuition Fees  £10,000 – £35,000 / Year 
Accommodation  £500 – £1,150 / Month 
Transportation  £100 – £150 / Month 

Student accommodation will be one of your biggest monthly expenses, apart from your tuition fee of course. 

Budgeting tips 

Here are some money saving tips you can use: 

1. Save money for surprise expenses: 

Save some money each month as emergency fund. You can keep this money as backup and use it to clear any unexpected expenses that may arise. You can also use this money for special occasions like birthdays and festivals. 

2. Separate your spending and savings account: 

Once you know how much you spend each week, you can transfer this money to a separate account from your savings. This segregation of accounts will prevent you from spending your savings. 

3. Affordable student housing: 

With thorough research you can find a private student apartment in Bristol that fits your budget and fulfills all your needs. 

4. Utilize online banking: 

Using online modes of payment will set spending goals and categorize your expenses. Online transactions will help you track your daily expenditure and further optimize your budget. 

Living in Bristol 

Your living cost will be heavily influenced by your choice of student accommodation. There are several different student accommodation options available for you to choose from that are provided by Uninist. 

Uninist provides student apartments in the Malthouse in Bristol. This amazing student accommodation is in a peaceful neighborhood and equipped with all the necessary amenities. Everything you need is included in this lovely student housing, including comfortable bedrooms and a fantastic study space. For a smooth stay, the property also provides flexible student housing ranging from 2 to 52 weeks. 

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