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When Can You Make Housing Disrepair Claims?

Housing Disrepair Claims

A housing disrepair is when the house is not well-maintained by the landlord. In the UK, Housing disrepair claims are becoming common as property owners are not strictly following their responsibilities. They have to ensure a safe accommodation for the new tenants. The landlord often does not listen to the problems and keeps ignoring the housing disrepair issues. You can take your matter to the court to ensure justice for your living conditions as a tenant.

Rights of the Tenant

As a tenant, you can live in a secure environment. Your landlord must ensure that the house is in a condition where an individual is comfortable. However, some people do not know their rights as tenants. As a resident of the house, you are entitled to live a better life with:

  • It is a safe building with even floors and a perfect staircase
  • Proper drainage systems
  • Sufficient heating and cooling system
  • Accessibility to water, gas, and electricity
  • Functional sanitation, with no molds and dampness
  • No infestations

Your landlord must meet the above requirements to put their accommodation for rent. You must never sign the rental agreement unless you have not seen the house completely.

Advantages of Making Housing Disrepair Claims Against Your Proprietor? 

You must not be worried as a tenant to make housing disrepair claims in the UK because it is your right to make a complaint against housing issues if there are any. It could be a stressful living condition where you are expected to live with crawling insects, damped floors, and a poor wiring system. If you were promised to provide you with standard accommodation and it turned out to be a house below your expectations, then you can avail a comfortable house as compensation. You will not have to make repairs yourself or have to pay anyone. The compensation for housing disrepairs will cover the repair cost and your comfort.

You will also feel satisfied when you have won your case. The landlords must be responsible for managing the house well rather than blaming the previous tenants. Making complaints against your landlord will ensure that they will not forget about their legal obligations in the future. However, real estate and housing societies will be careful and improve their working with the proprietors and occupants in the future.

Perfect Timing to Make Housing Disrepair Claims

If you are considering claiming the housing issue you have rented, you must do so immediately. It would help if you talked to your landlord in the first place. They might ask you for some time. Giving them a reasonable time to clear all the housing disrepairs is better. Ignoring your request for housing disrepair claims, the landlord will face severe consequences, such as court trials. The perfect timing for claiming the housing issue is when your landlord ignores your request despite sending them emails and written letters multiple times.

Can I be Penalised Asking for Repairs?

You might feel helpless if the landlord threatens you to evict you for asking for housing repairs. You do not have to be afraid of your landlord because, as a tenant, you deserve a house free of infestation, dampness, mold, or any faulty wiring and cracked walls and ceilings. 

How Can We Help You?

We can help you make housing disrepair claims with our experienced solicitors on board from various law firms. You can make a successful claim with us as we have a no-win fee policy. You will not have to pay us anything if you lose the compensation claim case. However, if you win the compensation, we will ask you for a certain amount, which will be pre-decided before we take the case.


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