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Writing Contest


Words for Equality is a creative writing contest for the writers who wish to raise their voices against Gender Stereotypes and Causal Sexism. We encourage and call for enthusiastic story-tellers who can present their visions in carefully-curated write-ups with interesting narration and good grammar. This contest is open for all. Gender Stereotypes and Casual Sexism is present in every society and we all hear about it, gender no bar. We hope to create awareness among all about gender equality, read your stories of combating stereotypes and wish to promote gender mainstreaming in the society.

If you wish to convey your impactful ideas, participate now in Words of Equality!


3 best entries, 20 selected special mentions will get a chance to

·         Have paid internships with us

·         Avail micro scholarships

·         Win GlobalShala merchandise

·         Get Badge or certificate of participation




  • Submissions in the form of three forms of writing:

a story (1000-1200 words)

an essay (800-1000 words)

an article (600-800 words)

  • Only one submission is allowed per person
  • Submissions should be in the form of .pdf or .doc or .docx.
  • Submissions must be done in Canvas
  • Send the write-ups strictly adhering to the given topic


  • Don’t send articles written in Co-authorship
  • Don’t send plagiarised content



a. What is the competition about?

This competition is about writing a story, essay, or article on the topic: Combating Gender
Stereotypes and Casual Sexism

b. Who can participate?

It is open for all.

c. How to submit?

Through the registration link on our contest page which redirects to Canvas, a learning management
system we use for our contests.

d. What are the prizes?

Prizes include micro scholarships, internships and GlobalShala merchandise.

e. What’s the starting date?

April 14, 2021

f. What’s the end date?

May 15, 2021

g. Can we participate in a group?

No, this contest is for individual participation only


To enter into the competition, click here.


For more information, mail at contact@globalshala.com