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With rising voices for climate action, the need for sustainability is now more than ever. Yet people largely continue to engage in activities that jeopardize the future of our planet. Maybe, they’re just not thinking creatively. Well, you get a chance to express these wonders in this amazing presentation contest. Participate now! 


  • Microscholarships of US $100 each to top 3 winners 
  • Paid internship opportunities 
  • GlobalShala merchandise 
  • Badges 
  • Certificate of participation 



  1. Participants must send their submissions in the form of a Presentation using any presentation software (eg- Google Slides, PowerPoint, Canva, etc.)
  2. All submissions must be in PDF form ONLY.
  3. All ideas must be original.
  4. Presentation cannot exceed 20 slides.


  1. Plagiarized submissions will be disqualified
  2. Use of any expletives/obscene language will lead to nullification of registration
  3. A participant can only submit a single entry (no team entries).
  4. Explicit content will be disqualified and the contestant will be barred from future GS Competitions


1. What is the competition about?

Ans: The competition is about picking any object from our daily lives and showcasing how we can use them sustainably, while also convincing the audience why they should use it.  

2. Who can participate?

Ans: It is open for all. 

3. How to submit?

Ans: Through the registration link on our contest page. 

4. What are the prizes?

Ans: Prizes include micro-scholarships, internships at GlobalShala, and GlobalShala merchandise. 

5. What’s the starting date?

Ans: 4th April 2022 

6. What’s the end date?

Ans: 15th May 2022 

7. Can we participate in a group?

Ans: No, this contest is for individual participants only. 

8. Who can participate?

Ans: If you are studying in high school, an undergraduate or a graduate student, you can participate! 

Point of Contact

If you face any issues or have any queries, kindly mail at contact@globalshala.com