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Mini Saga 2.0


Mini Saga 2.0 is a platform to bring the superhero inside you to light. This competition is meant for everyone. Scratch your brains and let the creativity flow. In the words of Edward Bulwer Lytton- “The Pen is mightier than the Sword”. Work your inquisitive minds and pens to make an impact.

 This short story writing contest aims to make a difference through concise words. The cause your Superpower is centered around might bring clarity as to what drives you. And can bring you closer to your truer self. We cannot go back in time, nor can we fast-forward to the future. But today is ours to seize!


  1. Opportunity to intern with us at GlobalShala.
  2. Mini scholarships worth $100 to Top 10.
  3. Certificate of Appreciation / badges to Top 20.



  1. The story should be a maximum of 50 words. 
  2. Only one entry per participant.
  3. Submissions should be sent in the form of Docx, PDF, PPT or an Instagram Post.
  4. Please use the #GlobalShalaMiniSaga2.0 to tag us in the Instagram post.



  1. No plagiarism.
  2. Don’t submit a grammatically incorrect story.
  3. No spelling error in the submitted story.


  1. What is the competition about?

Ans: This is a creative short story writing contest on the theme ‘If you had a superpower, what will it be and how it can bring change’.


 2. Who all can participate?

Ans: It is open for everyone.


 3. How to submit the entry?

Ans: Via the registration Link on our Contest Page.


 4. What are the Prizes?

Ans: Prizes include interning with us, micro-scholarships, badges, Certificate of Appreciation and Certificate of Participation.


 5. What’s the starting Date?

Ans: 18th June 2021


6. What’s the End date?

Ans: 18th July 2021


7. Can we participate in a group?

Ans: No. It’s for individual participants only.  

Register Here

Registration for Mini Saga 2.0
After submitting, you'll be redirected to Canvas LMS. You'll have to fill the details asked thereafter and then submit your entry.

Point of Contact

For any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop an email at contact@globalshala.com