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Coping with the Pandemic


Coping with the pandemic is an excellent platform to showcase your exemplary photography skills as it challenges you to photograph the mundane. Instead of relying on vibrant colors or unique subject matter, trust your compositional skills to frame up a shot that will be pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

This competition aims to uncover images that show the real world around us, things we enjoyed doing during the pandemic. This competition’s narrative is to bring the nuances in observation to the naked eyes of the general population.


  1. Amazon Vouchers up to $25.
  2. The winners will get a chance to intern with us!
  3. A chance to win micro scholarships worth $500
  4. You get to win goodies from GlobalShala.
  5. A badge and a certificate of participation to all participants.



  1.   The photography should depict the theme “Coping with the Pandemic”. 
  2.   Only one entry per participant (a series of maximum 6 and minimum 4 photographs).
  3.   Participants must submit coloured and/or black and white photographs.
  4.   A caption must be given for the series of photographs.
  5.   The judge’s decision will be final.



  1.   No watermark should be present.
  2.   Edited images would lead to disqualification.
  3.   Submission after deadline won’t be accepted.
  4.   Obscene or obligatory content would lead to disqualification.
  5. Explicit content senders will be barred from participating in future contests.


1.What is the competition about?

Ans: This is a home – based photography challenge to make a gorgeous photo out of the mundane, everyday activities, objects or scenes.

2. Who all can participate?

Ans: It is open for everyone.

3. How to submit the entry?

Ans: Via the registration Link on our Contest Page.

4. What are the Prizes?

Ans: Prizes include micro scholarships up to $500 and Amazon Vouchers up to $25.

5. What’s the starting Date?

Ans: The contest starts on June 28, 2021 

6. What’s the End date?

Ans: Last date of submission is July 28, 2021

7. Can we participate in a group?

Ans: No. It’s for individual participants only.  

Register Here

Registration for Coping with the Pandemic
After clicking on “Proceed for Submission” button, you will be redirected to Canvas LMS. Login/Register with your Email ID there and proceed to submit your entry. Good luck!

Point of Contact

In case of any queries or suggestions, feel free to email us at contact@globalshala.com