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Women who inspire

inspiring women

There was a series of events called Women Who Inspire conducted by Northeastern University. It was about the advancement of women in different spheres and fields of work. Indeed, it is true that small changes in our thoughts can yield big results. A minor change in our actions can help with the bigger stuff.

Lynne Wilson is the CEO of 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes’ brand for 3-D content. She feels that by changing our perspectives of thinking, we can get new ideas. Wilson shared the story of her career with the students and staff of Northeastern University. In the event, Michele Flynn, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Hiperos, joined too. Amy O’ Connor, the data evangelist for Cloudera was also a part of it. Lauren States, Vice President of strategy and transformation for IBM, also participated.

How can women be more participating?

These women were the panellists at the event. The discussion continued for around 90 minutes. Male dominance over the business world was also discussed. The panellists agreed that career success depends on finding a mentor too. Apart from that, studies show that more than 52% of women leave their jobs because of poor management and lack of role models.

Thus, one should always be attentive and ready to learn. Flynn said that students should always be in touch with their professors and colleagues. The audience asked many questions to the panellists after the discussion. The discussion focused on enhanced liberation for women in today’s world.

An IBM employee asked how girls can become more interested in engineering careers. She felt that an engineering career was boring and ugly. Connor cited stories that show the participation of women in technical fields. They need to know the depth of their focus to be successful in such fields.

One should always understand what business they are in. Hence, must try to find out ways in which they can prosper at their job. Every woman is unique and must know what makes her unique. One’s thoughts reflect in one’s career too.


Arpita Priyadarshinee