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Why should the U.S. be your dream place to study?

Have you ever wondered what makes higher education in the U.S. so popular in the world? The U.S. has an unprecedented appeal and has consistently been drawing top tier students from all across the globe. Yet, there’s an uncanny answer to why students around the globe believe that the U.S. is the Holy Grail of international higher education. Its flexibility, framework, advanced research and technology is witnessed by all present worldwide students on the planet who aspire to study in the States.

The characteristics of the United States’ education system, which sets itself apart from the league, are the following:

1. Campus life

There won’t be a single person of any academic field objecting to the campus life of the U.S. Numerous student organizations conducting events apart from the academic line is what brings new experiences to the attendees. There won’t be any surprise in witnessing engaging sports teams in addition to fraternities, regional, and ethnic clubs.

2. Better Research and Training opportunity

The U.S. boasts about being a leader in technological advancement, and the same leader culture is inculcated in the students studying there. The students are obligated to get their hands on every latest equipment or opening in the field of science, engineering, and related fields. The end result is work-ready graduates with appropriate skills using the most recent technology. More than $71 billion is spent on research and development in higher education.

3. Cultural diversity

There isn’t any doubt while claiming that the United States has turned out to be a melting pot of various ethnicities and races. Students from different parts of the world enrich the educational experience as well as campus life.

4. Highest paid scholarships

If you are an international student tensed to get into a university in the U.S. owing to your financial condition, your worries won’t last long. It is because government-funded and non-governmental organizations don’t even hesitate to provide fully-paid scholarships to bright students. Numerous schemes are available for international students prompting to enter the country for pursuing education.

5. Hub of top-ranked universities

Numerically, more than 50% of the top 50 universities in the world are located in the United States, making it a dream place for the students. Less class strength, advanced technology, and highly accredited professors sum up the success story each student will have after getting a degree from institutions with such stature.

No wonder the U.S. has one of the world’s largest international student populations of about 1 million. Want to be one of these million students with an added advantage of scholarships and guaranteed placements? Contact Globalshala to know more avail these benefits.

Harminder Singh