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Why setting up HR should be your priority


We all have seen memes mocking the Human Resource (HR) team as if their only role is to make rangoli during festival time. But is it so? Is HR irrelevant and a waste of money for any organization? Astonishingly, HR’s role is so imperative that it is termed as the right hand of a company. It manages people, the most crucial resource in the world. Human resource (HR) is an essential department in an organization responsible for, screening, recruiting, scouting, onboarding new joiners, and implementing employee benefit programs. The HR team’s following multi-dimensional duties are what make them an indispensable part of any company:


  1. Meets Demand-Supply gap of employees

HR team maintains the record of every department of the organization. If it feels that some department is lagging, it takes the responsibility of arranging the requisite and adequate employees to that department. Thus, it ensures the demand and supply of employees in the organization.


  1. Maintains Budget

Human resource carries the data set, which enables them to analyse wages, benefits based on the industry trends and other competitors. Hence, HR trims workforce costs and maintains a budget for the company.


  1. Resolves Conflicts

The HR team is responsible for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. It understands that conflicts between the employees may hamper the work environment and ensures resolving every dispute.


  1. Training & Development

HR team comprehends that recruiting new people every time dismantles the organisation’s budget. Hence, it focuses on the training and development of the employees. It further promotes the practice of employee retention and reduces employee turnover.


  1. Improves Employee satisfaction

It is quite evident that no one can work all time. There must be some other incentive which must be offered to the employees to maintain proper work. HR team weighs upon these terms and formulate plans according to it—the policies regarding break time, festival celebrations, and numerous events to maintain a healthy environment in the company.


Hence, make sure that the organisation isn’t overlooking the Human resource department as its cost won’t be recoverable.


Harminder Singh