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Why PR team is called “The ultimate game changer”


How many of you remember the Maggi Noodles crisis when it was banned owing to the alleged presence of lead as their core ingredient? And what about the rumors around Coca-Cola being a toilet cleaner? Don’t you all think why those incidents haven’t impacted their current sales or brand value of these products in any sense? This is what Public Relations all about. Public relations(PR) implies the persuasion business. Public relations is an imperative communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Following are the PR team’s critical functions, which, undoubtedly, lend a supporting role to the company’s long-term growth:


  1. Maintaining reputation

Not even a single business tycoon, can entirely refrain itself from controversies, and the public relations team is what emerges out as its life-saver. Let it be the case of Nestle Maggi, Coca-Cola, or an umpteen number of other products; the PR team serves as the best accomplice.


2. Opportunistic in every sense

Witnessing the Yippee Noodles’ advertisement campaign during Maggi’s ban is what defines the multiple roles PR is responsible for. Influential marketing, optimizing the market share is what any PR strategy of a company consists of. Opportunistic in selecting the right time for the shrewd move is what benefits the organization in the best possible manner.


3. Provides Clarity

Time arises when a message conveyed by the company in one sense is interpreted by the consumers in other sense posing a relentless threat to the company’s goodwill. A carefully crafted PR strategy produces clarity about your company’s key messages and brand identity.


4. Inviting brightest talents

PR team’s role isn’t constrained to enhancing the image of the business. Any PR strategy establishing a business as a thought leader will inevitably stamp their profile among the brightest creamy talent in the field. With PR, one can gradually cultivate a reputation as one of your industry’s most sought after employers – and you can use your newfound access to talent to accelerate your growth curve.


5. Strengthens Relations

One of the star features of PR is its ability to maintain and improve community relations. PR team understands that mutual benefit is what everyone craves for and develops a strategy in a similar fashion to cater to this need internally and externally.


It’s possible to operate a business with little or no PR spending, but it’s unlikely that it will ever gain traction in the industry or decisive markets. Clearing the air surrounding the business, creating narratives to advance their agenda to the public, and aiding the business in every sense is why Public Relations as an irreplaceable part of a company.


Harminder Singh