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Why do students want to study abroad


Who would not want to experience adventure, fun, excitement and new opportunities all at once while pursuing one’s education right? The world is changing, and so are the visions and perspectives of bright students. Students now prefer to study abroad and be lucky enough to change their fates. However, the reasons why students prefer to study abroad are different, personal and entirely depend upon their choices and individual perspectives.

Reasons why students prefer to study abroad

Some privileged students may prefer to study abroad to have a change of environment and also because they have a sufficient amount of resources to help them carry on with the process. In contrast, those who cannot quite privileged but have the ability and standard to meet the expenses of overseas education may choose to do so because of the diversified and flexible courses, active class participation, dialogue exchange and a practical approach to study that the U.S. based universities offer.

Studying abroad also means coming out of one’s comfort zone. It means that one will get the chance to stand on own feet and realise their potential, be it making own food or working on a part-time job, studying overseas gives the courage to take and allows securing independency. An international Bachelor’s Degree from any of the Ivy League Colleges or any other esteemed university has global recognition that will demonstrate that the students have thrived and succeeded in an endeavour outside of their haven and have high demands in all the capitalist sectors. Sometimes students from the Asian countries like India prefer to study in the U.S. because they want to study a perfect and peculiar subject in which their actual talent may lay and which may not be available in their home universities. Also, studying abroad would help to improve their speech and fluency of the English language.


Hence, countries like the U.S. offer attractive job prospects post-graduation and their flexible immigration policies allow students to seek employment on completion of studies. The salaries are high as well. The science geeks often prefer to study in the U.S universities because of their enthusiasm towards NASA, a variety of science courses like advanced palaeontology, sophisticated research labs, thousands of exotic plants species for those interested in herbology and the list goes on.


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Dawor Deka