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Which internship is best for you?


Want to boost your CV even before completing your under graduation degree? Want to have a pinch of extra pocket money every month to roam around with your friends? Not only this, but what about getting your hands on the professional tools and corporate setup? All these queries have a straightforward and uncomplicated solution. Get an internship. An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organisation for a limited period of time.  Internship, in true sense, is the training and application period where the intern opens its hands to hug each and every learning experience before jumping into the actual corporate world.


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There are several types of internships catering to different needs of the students. The following is the list of internships high school and college understudies must prefer in order to serve the purposes discussed before:


  1. Basic entry level

Few internships don’t require any type of knowledge, but the urge to learn and replicate that learning into results. Profiles like sales and marketing, data entry, market research, and many more aren’t too skill-specific but can get you a handy amount of bucks in your pocket.


  1. Specific Skill-based

Some internships prerequisite the knowledge of a few basic tools of that industry. Profiles like Data analytics or web development necessitate an overview of tools like python, statistics, Java, and many more.  A layman may find it challenging to get these internships without any prior experience of using these tools.


  1. Seasoned Internships

During mid-semester breaks or end year breaks, a student can opt to get these internships. These internships generally last for 15 days to 60 days and offer a great value to the resumes.


  1. Non-profit Internships

A student may opt to serve and payback the society by enrolling himself for internships in Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These internships provide a flexible environment for the student to express oneself and identify the field of his/her interest.


Internships have proven to be an excellent opportunity for beginners to initiate their proliferating careers way before entering the proper setup. Internships may be paid or unpaid, but essentially should be a knowledge-gainer experience.


Harminder Singh