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What are pre-schoolers doing in lockdown?


We are all stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of us are busy with work from home. Also, school and college students are active in their online classes. However, have we thought about the kids at our home? How are the parents keeping their kids in touch with reading and writing? Where are the pre-schoolers preparing for their upcoming days in kindergarten? Who are reading stories to them? Children need to gain and register knowledge through association; however, social distancing is a stumbling block. Despite the obstruction, the current world of technology has brought the pre-school experience to their home. All thanks to the internet.

Lisa Gozbekian found a way of reaching to her students. She is a site member for the Jumpstart branch for Northeastern. Gozbekian started recording herself reading stories to the pre-schoolers. She films these videos for Jumpstart, an organisation that teaches literacy and social skills to pre-schoolers. Their goal is to ensure every child receives basic knowledge before entering kindergarten. In the video, Gozbekian is reading the picture book “Jabari Jumps” by Gaia Cornwall.

Jumpstart works with a bunch of college students and Gozbekian train them to work in pre-school classrooms. They help the pre-schoolers to learn new words as well as social skills through reading and related activities. However, the pandemic put a pause on the hard-built relationship between the college students and pre-schoolers. Thus, Jumpstart starts to share videos on its free website.  Usually, the college students read to the pre-schoolers, but now the staff members of Jumpstart took over them. They read English and Spanish books in the videos.

Gozbekian too, speaks with appreciation about this initiative. She says that this method is a great way to draw kids’ attention and interest. She strives to make the kids prepared for success in their days at kindergarten.


Rubena Bose