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Westover at Northeastern’s commencement address 2019

Westover at Northeastern’s commencement


On 3 May Tara Westover, author of the best-selling memoir “Educated”, addressed the commencement of Northeastern University 2019.

The lady was invited to the stage at T.D. Garden, Boston to address a global audience of 20,000 graduates.

She stood at the platform because of the inspiration she carries along with herself. The lady has been exposed to the harsh realities of life since birth.

She didn’t have easy access to education and other necessities of life. Despite the mountains of obstacles in life, she managed to rise to unparalleled heights.

The story of her success is worth reading, which brought her to this platform at Northeastern.

The struggle of Westover

Westover was born into a Mormon survivalist family at Clifton, Idaho. She was the youngest among the seven children in the family who learned a lot from her elder brothers and sister.

Her father, being distrustful of the government, denied all the basic facilities to the family through the government.

Consequently, she never went to school nor did she appear for any exam. She learned to read and write at home from her brothers.

She went to college for her higher education by scoring well in an ACT test by her independent efforts. After graduation from Brigham Young University in 2008, she earned scholarships and went to academia.


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Westover completed her master’s degree from the University of Cambridge.

She also visited Harvard University and pursued her doctorate in intellectual history in 2014 from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Into the bargain, her story of struggle did not just restrict to education. She was physically abused since the age of 15 by her elder brother.

When she revealed the truth, her family said that she was under the influence of Satan. She suffered isolation and was also a victim of her family’s rigid ideology.

She wrote the memoir “Educated” in the year 2018 giving a detailed account of her struggles. The memoir became the bestseller of the year.

Northeastern has always been inviting the public figures for commencement since 1956. The presence of Westover at the university endowed students with immense motivation.


Manshi Chauhan