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Virtual Events to turn to During Lockdown – 1

With probable months of lockdown ahead of us due to the deadly COVID-19, the Northeastern University has lined up a long series of virtual events to turn to during lockdown for their students and us. These events will help us deal with our lonely days, which are plagued with dreadful worry for our loved ones and social isolation.

  • Be present at virtual Town Halls

    College of Arts, Media and Design will host and Dean Elizabeth Hudson will chair open discussions on Zoom. These will be regarding all the problems faced by the students because of the pandemic.

  • All about social distancing and social isolation

    All our lives, we have learnt that human beings are social creatures. COVID-19, however, has forced us into socially distancing ourselves from fellow humans all around us. This act has a severely negative impact on our mental health. Housing and Residential Life will conduct this round table discussion. It is meant to educate masses as to how socially distance from one another while avoiding being socially isolated.

  • A Dystopian World?

    Ezio Manzini is a distinguished author and designer. He will be addressing an open conversation during which he will unravel aspects of the world that are changing due to the pandemic. Furthermore, points of human interaction that has either been permanently changed or will be changed once the lockdown gets over, will also be discussed.

  • Developing your career

    The pandemic has brought on an economic trough. This has brought many careers to a standstill. To combat this, the Employer Engagement and Design Office will be conducting a month-long virtual series. This series will tell how to build and maintain an attractive CV, amplify work efficiency from home, and how to find a job.

  • Yoga and Meditation

    These are emotionally tumultuous times. The Centre for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service will be posting hour-long meditation and yoga videos on their YouTube channel to calm your erratic mind. throughout the semester, the meditation videos will be posted on Wednesdays and Friday. While Mondays will be yoga days.


The lockdown has provided us with a unique chance to rediscover ourselves. It has also given us the opportunity to redo any mistakes that we may have committed. With the Northeastern University, gain the proper guidance to do the same with these and more amazing virtual events to turn to during this lockdown.


Atreyee Chakraborty