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Virtual dating – the do’s and the don’ts

Online dating apps have become popular, especially with the young generation. Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid, an online dating app, visited Northeastern University to talk about how big data and virtual dating intersected. In light of this session, professor Patricia Couple talks about five ways in which an virtual dating profile can be made right swipe ready.


Her first tip is to share only that is necessary. Giving in unnecessary details could not only bore your potential match but may not be safe for you either. Keep it simple; have the key details which you think a partner should know about you. It is also best to have an overall honest virtual dating profile. If you are looking to build something, the lies are going to come out at some point. It is natural to want to make yourself look more attractive than you are in the app. However, don’t tweak it so much that it becomes fake.


Having a lot of photos is also considered to be a good idea. This helps your date see you from different angles and get an idea of how you really look. As far as writing the bio is concerned, let the clichés go. You don’t want your potential match to think you were lazy enough to not come up with a phrase of your own. Include activities you would like to do and anything that you feel makes you an interesting person.


Once you’ve got yourself a match and is taking it to the next step to go out on a date, remember to do your bit of homework. Go through their social media handles, have some questions to ask in mind, and try to figure out what kind of a person he or she is. At the end of the day, though, remember that this is not an exam and it’s all about having fun.


N Malavika Mohan