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Urban farming providing a sustainable future

Ever had the idea of growing the produce you get from the market in your very own balcony or in your backyard? That’s what urban farming is all about. It is the practice of growing food in a heavily populated municipality. Those who wish to practice urban farming need to undergo special training so that they know what they are doing. The soil should be suitable in order to grow specific types of crops. Moreover, it is important to ensure food security.


Urban farming is turning out to be a necessity with the population growing every passing year. Moreover, fertile lands are also gradually disappearing. Rooftops, a minimal space, can be used for it. Urban farming provides urban dwellers with fresher and healthier food. They can also grow fruits and vegetables that are in season. It will help in boosting the local economy. As estimated by a study, it has the capability of providing nearly 10% of the global vegetable crops. Environmentally, urban farming can considerably reduce carbon emissions. It can also improve the quality of the food.


Urban Harvest is an initiative taken up by the students of Northeastern University to encourage people to grow their produce in their backyards. Vi Le and James Allen are the two co-founders of this business. They sell their produce to grocers who sell it to the neighbouring regions. Le had grown up in Vietnam and she took inspiration from that setting to start a new business in the U.S. She says, “When I came to the United States, it was really strange seeing all the produce boxed up. We wanted to create something that got us closer to the plants themselves.”   The owners wish to expand their business further. In addition, they want to motivate people to put their backyards to good and sustainable use.


Subarna Basu