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Trump’s “Fake Media Awards” show


There won’t be any hemming and hawing while claiming that Trump’s administration seems to be more autocratic than democratic. He is too bold to be the president of the world’s most developed economy. Let it be the case of renaming Coronavirus as China virus or indirectly threatening India if they won’t supply hydroxychloroquine; Trump’s audacious statements have been the centre of discussion from time to time. His claims may seem vague or provoking, but his approach seems to be quite unorthodox in every sphere. His tweet announcing awards for the most dishonest and corrupt media houses shook the entire nation.


Trump’s gutsy targeting towards the media houses renouncing the fake news circulated in echo chambers so that it may conceal the truth has raised everyone’s eyebrows. Trump’s behaviour may be compared with the former president Barack Obama who ran an aggressive methodology against the government leakers or the Bush administration, alleging New York times for their invasion in the private conversations. However, announcing awards is what Northeastern University’s journalism professor Dan Kennedy is worried about. Kennedy opined that the announcement of awards might be a hoax, and if it happens, it may be quite astonishing to see a long list of media houses consisting of it.


The moment Trump’s tweet aired, the arguments surrounding the freedom of the press occupied the entire conversation. They questioned as if the running president would decide what is reliable, then the basic idea behind the establishment of the media is tarnished. Kennedy claims, “The danger, though, is that he’s been able to reinforce the idea that his followers should cocoon themselves inside a media bubble in which Trump himself defines reality and what isn’t.” Trump’s biasedness while treating such media houses may anytime soon turn against him, and it would be interesting to see how he deals with this.


Harminder Singh