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The social service way to leadership

Maura Leaton was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Leadership, one of the most prestigious awards given to a student at Northeastern University. Her journey to get this award is one filled with compassion, social service, and empathy. Pursuing her doctoral degree for physical therapy, she is a leader right from her class where she is the class representative.


Her passion for physical therapy has motivated her to make a difference in the lives of the lesser privileged with the skills that she has. She was a part of a 20-member group that went to a town in Ecuador to help the children at an orphanage, last year. They treated the children, taught on-site physical therapists and caretakers how to use the supplies effectively, and also provided free meals to night workers who were working in a local sanitation and recycling centre.


She has also completed a capstone project researching on a screening tool that was used at Ecuador. Further, she had collaborated with a professor of Khoury College of Computer Sciences to create a database to record the development and evaluation of the children of the orphanage. She was also chosen as a student teaching assistant, last year, to assist students belonging to her underclassmen in lab and engage in activities including serving as a patient for case studies.


Eric Folmar, an assistant professor at Northeastern University, commented that Leaton is not just a student with an excellent academic record, but great leadership skills whose commitment to the University and her profession were immense. Eaton says that she was dumbstruck when she received the news of the award. As she studies for her licensing board exam for physical therapy and her graduation for the doctoral degree in May, she dreams of a future working in an acute care hospital or acute rehabilitation centre, while still being a part of  American Physical Therapy Association of Massachusetts.


N Malavika Mohan