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The Puerto Rico health crisis

puerto rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated and small part of the north-eastern part of the United States. The population of this region is mainly filled with Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico, being a small territory, is often overlooked with regards to its healthcare facilities. However, the health of these residents of the U.S. is just as important. “This is important because all Hispanics are not like,” says Katherine Tucker as quoted by Northeastern University. 


Puerto Ricans live in the underdeveloped areas of the States. The lifestyle of these people is something that majorly affects their physiological health. Puerto Ricans live in conditions of severe stress and tension. The problems of low income and unemployment affect the mental health of the people. To begin with, the psychological stress faced by them creates an imbalance in the body fluids. A report states that more than one-third of the population faces diabetes. This number is comparatively higher than the cases of diabetes otherwise. Another health problem faced here is high blood pressure. 50% of adults between 54-60 years of age have high blood pressure. In addition to this, Puerto Rico also has the most number of deaths caused due to blood pressure. With this, the region also faces problems of obesity and hypertension.  High cholesterol and heart diseases are also prevalent in the territory. 


The basic cause of all this lies in their poor nutrition, diet, and poor health care facilities. The doctors usually shift to the mainland U.S because of the low pay in Puerto Rico. This leads to low healthcare facilities and growing health issues. The only way seen to overcome this problem is to first increase employment. This leads to an increase in income, which stabilizes mental health. With the beginning of this process, a significant change should be seen. 


Priyal Jhaveri