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The Positives from Corona Virus

environment during corona virus

We all are in some severe circumstances for the past few months due to COVID-19. The situation is very unusual and devastating everywhere because the vaccine to the virus is yet to be found. However, we still have to focus on the better things to keep moving forward in this war against the virus. One of the silver linings during the quarantine was that our nature bloomed unexpectedly well and the people saw some amazing scenes.


Two of the Northeastern University’s presenters talked to an associate professor of Biostatistics in one of their litmus (podcast) episodes. He explains how by cutting on travel, we not only slow the spread of COVID-19, but we decrease emissions and the harmful effects they have on our health. During the lockdown, pollution rates dropped exponentially, which led to us realising that air pollution is modifiable. Amidst this pandemic, lower air pollution rates helped in multiple ways. Every year, a lot of people get various diseases due to pollution in their surroundings. Some are even admitted to hospitals to recover. Lower pollution rates caused lesser people to get affected by pollution-related problems such as asthma. Hence, people are keeping away from hospitals and it prevents them from getting infected by the virus. Lives saved by better environmental conditions are roughly twenty per cent of the lives lost due to coronavirus. The professor concluded that there are no normal levels of pollution. The lower it is, the better it is for our environment.


Lower air pollution levels have surely been a silver lining during this pandemic. However, with the world starting to normalise, we will have to see how that goes for our environment. People will have to be smarter in their decision making to make sure that this positive change that has come to our environment shall stay for as long as it is possible.


Luvpreet Singh