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Teenage pregnancy can lead to child poverty!

Teenage pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy is an alarming issue as female adolescents who become pregnant between the ages of 13-19 generally do not have the resources to take care of the baby and its health. This leads them to usually drop out of school which affects their economic conditions. The risk of them failing in their career becomes high as they are obliged to work at low-end jobs.
Vanessa Johnson, a professor at Northeastern University attempts to give some advice to teenagers and adolescents who are parents at such an early stage of life. She observes 20 students who were parenting and studying in high school and plans to formulate ways to help them to manage school and parenting together. She says, “We want to help parenting and pregnant students gain social capital”. If this is not done, the cycle of poverty continues and will emerge as an economic crisis.
Peers and conversations among friends is also a crucial factor which regulates the behaviour and an overall personality of an individual. They are not just about fun but we learn about various things and hence these conversations play a vital role in developing a student’s identity in his/her teenage and adolescent years.
The lack of support and enough financial resources for pregnant girls in school causes them to join low-paying jobs. Ignoring their important academic courses they are forced to find ways to keep themselves and their baby healthy. The state must provide and adopt certain measures to improve their conditions. They need to be supported with special provisions of school and education to make them responsible and independent like their other peers. Apart from these issues, pregnancy during teenage can lead to high blood pressure which can be a risk for the baby and the teen mother too.
Akshara Palshetkar