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Social entrepreneurship, creativity, and SuperheroU

SuperheroU promotes social entrepreneurship and creativity

United Nations General Assembly launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016 with a target to achieve them by 2030. According to the Sustainable Development Report 2020, India stands at rank 117 out of 193 United Nations members in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) index. GlobalShala, an Edtech company, launched an initiative SuperheroU to lift India to higher SDG rank. SuperheroU provides a platform for individuals or groups to come up with their superhero ideas which can help combat social universal problems. SuperheroU is focused on finding solutions to world problems and making countable social changes. It demands creative ideas that can act as a superhero to combat social challenges. Nevertheless, the superhero idea can be in any form like pictures, videos, graphics, written content, illustration, etcetera.


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Social entrepreneurship with SuperheroU

The social issues prevailing in the world dates back to ages ago. However, the dynamics of these issues and the world have changed over time. So there is an ardent need for some creative ideas that can solve those issues as well as create entrepreneurship. The most important requisite of GlobalShala’s SuperheroU event is to propagate social entrepreneurship. Each superhero idea should be projected from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur. Generally, entrepreneurs work for-profit motive. However, the SuperheroU entrepreneurs should work for profit motive as well as for a social cause.

SuperheroU doesn’t revolve around only creative ideas. Moreover, it will help individuals broaden their thoughts for an ideal world, synthesis their reasoning, expressiveness, and social empathy in the best possible manner. It will help in inculcating the qualities of a successful entrepreneur with ethics in them. The initiative will widen their imaginative power to plan a perfect venture, where they can earn, get prizes, and solve a real-world challenge. It will help aspirants to understand entrepreneurship in a more realistic way.

SuperheroU is an initiative which aims to accelerate sustainable development practices in India, solving social universal issues, promoting creativity and innovation, as well as furnishing entrepreneurs.


For detailed insight, you may visit the SuperheroU webpage on Globalshala’s website.


Manshi Chauhan