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Story of a successful businesswoman Anu Aga


In this quarantine, Northeastern has reached out to many successful people to know about their stories of success. Joseph E. Aoun, the president of Northeastern University hosted these conversations through Facebook live. The medium of Facebook helped this innovative initiative to reach more people. These success stories have surely inspired the young students and young researchers from different fields. Anu Aga, a successful as well as the wealthiest businesswoman, joined in with Aoun in such a conversation. She talks passionately about her journey to success.


Thermax Global is one of India’s largest engineering companies. As the former company chair of Thermax Global, she started speaking about her initial days in the business. Despite any background in engineering or business, Aga had to take responsibility after her husband died unexpectedly. It was 1996, like any other person, she also faced anxiety. However, she accepted the difficulty in the starting period and chose to rely on her own strengths.


Anu Aga also mentions the importance of being open to people and not being afraid to seek help. She teaches us that everybody learns with time and from people. During her eight years of tenure as a businesswoman, she never denied seeking expert financial advice. Though she faced reluctance of the company’s board members in involving outside help. These changes made the company one of Asia’s best small businesses, and she became one of the world’s wealthiest businesswomen. After her retirement, Aga’s daughter took her position to lead forward the family legacy.


Aoun conducted another conference with the upcoming class of Northeastern’s Young Global Leaders programme. Both Aoun’s encouraging words and the success story of Anu Aga inspired the recent graduates. This class of leaders comprises entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers of various ages from 13 countries. They will work on strengthening Northeastern’s global network.


Aoun puts his faith in these young students and sees them as future leaders of Northeastern University.


Rubena Bose